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  • MUSICIANS-The orchestra pay scale is $130* for a 2½-hour service, which includes a 10-minute break.  (Christmas Eve, Christmas and Easter fees are slightly higher.)

  • This rate applies even if you do not use the full 2½ hours. 

  • A rehearsal and concert are 2 separate services even when back-to-back on the same day.  When possible, this is most desired to keep travel costs down. 

  • CONTRACTING FEE-This is for the time in paperwork and communications throughout the process until your event.  It is $200 for the first 4 instruments.  (Harp is a separate fee.).  In addition to the paperwork and set up fee, there is an additional $10 per instrument hired.  The fee includes replacing any last minute cancellations and a professional looking orchestra cover sheet, including all details for the gig such as your organization's name, address, seating, dress, parking, and what to bring.  I also provide you with everyone's mailing address and labels for the music mailing.  24 hours in advance of the first service, I do reminder emails to all musicians.  


  • These prices assure quality artists, reliability, and supportive enthusiasm.  Remember!! These artists are in demand by many different clients.  Even if some people must cancel or reschedule private lessons, you need to beat those cost considerations in their eyes.  You want to attract the cream of the crop!  If fees are not competitive, we can lose players to other jobs that pay more. 


  • Don’t forget that there is behind-the-scenes home-practice time involved, that is a peripheral of the price. 

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  • Fees are more for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.


  • *Harp players are more expensive.  I can get you current fees if interested.


  • *Percussionists may have cartage fees depending on the instrumentation requirements.  If you can supply timpani, marimbas, chimes, and the bigger instruments, it will be cheaper.  


  • Checks should be on the music stands by the beginning of the last concert.  (Sometimes people must leave right afterwards for other gigs.)



  • Providing tempo markings and cuts will save time, and therefore money, in rehearsals. This is also respectful to musicians, saving precious practice time at home and allowing them to focus on sections that are needed.



  • This cannot be done without permission of players and/or possible extra fees.




  • The contracting fee is $75 for any other single instrument other than myself. 

  • If you want me to play, there are no additional fees other than the playing fees below.

  • Soloist Fees $150* for 1 church service and $175 for 2 services. This includes:

  • A 30-minute run through, 45 minutes prior to the church service, with a 15-minute break between the practice and service

  • 2-3 songs which may be negotiable depending on the player

  • Playing along on hymns if desired

  • *Harp prices are considerably higher.  I get you quotes before committing.

  • *These are non-holiday rates.

Make your job easy!  Stay focused on your artistry!

Let a professional personnel manager take care of behind-the-scenes mechanics.

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The Classic Touch

Strings & Orchestras

Sharon Nauman-Cellist/Contractor

Artistic Management-Agent for Independent Contractors

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