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There is amazing, professional talent, right here, in your own backyard!   But, sometimes it's hard to find! 

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~Orchestra Personnel for~

Choral Groups, Church Choirs, Musicals, High Schools, University & College Programs

It is an overwhelming job to plan performances, PLUS handle the mechanics of hiring an orchestra, no matter how big or small.  Personnel details spread out, exponentially, in all directions

  • Who should I call? 

  • Are they good? 

  • Can I rely on them to show up, be on time, or not cancel on me at the last minute?  

Even after the orchestra roster is filled, there is still a stifling number of tasks to think about, remember, confirm, and manage. 

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Would you like to stay focused on your performance?

Would you like to show up to rehearsals and know that all the "behind-the-scenes" details have been taken care of?  Your time is valuable as a maestro, not a personnel manager!

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Why not let a professional do that for you?

Sharon Nauman has been contracting orchestras since 1992.  She collects, maintains, and updates a database of professional musicians.  Assembling the perfect combinations of talent and personalities to work together is also very important.

In addition to knowing player quality, throughout the years, she has tracked prompt attendance records, usual availability, reliability, and even attitudes.  These qualities are as important as being a fabulous player!


       Chamber Orchestras

  • The contracting fee is $200 for up to 4 players. 

  • After that, it is $10 per instrument/musician.  For example: 8 players are $240 ($200 + 40).


       Guest Soloists

  • To contract 1 Sunday church soloist, it is $80.  

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WHAT DO THE FEES INCLUDE? This is standard procedure even if you only hire a soloist.

  • Details-I gather details from you, compile and type them up for initial communications with the musicians.

  • Hiring-I try to do this within a week of having all the details for the event.

  • Communications-I send a reminder email 2 days before the job and answer any questions in between.  

  • Orchestra Roster-There will be a copy for you and a copy for your accounting department.

  • Cover Sheet-Include this with your music mailing.  It restates all the details the musicians will need.

    • List of players and seating arrangements

    • Dates with begin and end times

    • Location address, parking situation, doors to use

    • Concert dress

    • What to bring (music stands/stand lights)

    • Mailing labels-I do not mail the music for you.  However, I provide mailing labels for each person, so you don’t spend time writing each one out.

    • Contracting bill

    • Replacing a player if they cancel at no charge




  • Date changes - If your originally scheduled date changes, I have to re-contact and sometimes rehire players in addition to revising cover sheets and invoices.  Therefore, there is additional charge for any date changes of $65. 


  • Date is cancelled - If for any reason the concert gets cancelled, you will still owe my contracting fee.  Canceling or rescheduling should be a very last means of action.  Musicians turn down other jobs to play yours.  To prevent a (double) loss of income, canceling should be considered as a last choice.


  • When is the contracting fee due? - The bill for contracting will come in the mail with your orchestra roster.  It is due up front, upon receipt.

Sharon-Artistic Manager
  • Sharon has performed with the Phoenix Symphony, Prescott Pops, West Valley Symphony and the Arizona Broadway Theater.

  • She traveled nationwide, playing 10 years of road shows with Perry Como, Natalie Cole, Henry Mancini, and Julie Andrews.

  • Ms. Nauman's concerts include performances for CBS’s "Sunday Morning" and in such acclaimed places as Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall. 

  • Sharon founded The Classic Touch Strings & Orchestras in Ohio has expanded to Arizona. 

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The Classic Touch

Strings & Orchestras

Sharon Nauman-Cellist/Contractor

Artistic Management-Agent for Independent Contractors

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